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the original video got taken down but somebody reuploaded it and i’m so glad they did


Fuuga’s 3P color, too cute to not be drawn.


things that sound like a good idea
playing a few rounds of IIDX before bed

things that are actually a bad idea
playing a few rounds of IIDX before bed


The full list of upcoming marvel projects which can be found on IMDb. There is a distinct lack of hulk here. However there are lots that I’m really happy about.


deviantart what the FUCK


Ace detectives featuring Yukiko "this is what all detectives wear" Amagi and Chie "this is clearly a bad idea but we’re doing it anyway" Satonaka

based on a conversation i had with a few friends. These two would be disasters on the force



by おデン




She is a third-year student; but unlike Serina, she appears older than the main character. She normally has a refined, mature personality, and she is skilled in both academics and sports. However, she can also be unexpectedly cute. Her hobby is photography



Title: Congratulations!

Artist: Masato Kouda


Congratulations on the arrival of Conception II!


there’s like little to no fanart of characters from Conception II and it makes me sad


Conception II sounds really gross and fanservicey but then I’ve heard people comparing it to Persona and I’m suddenly curious and conflicted. It’s probably just as bad as I suspect…BUT PERSONA.

Besides the ‘socializing with your teammates to make them stronger’ aspect, Conception and Persona march to their own drum. Persona is much more strict, what with all the time limits while Conception is more like you do doing whatever you want at your own pace. Also, Conception’s difficulty is a breeze compared to Persona.

Both good games but they really are nowhere near in similarity.